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Our owners

Allwinds Ab in an operating company and is owned by the wind power companies Ålands Vingenergi Andelslag, Ålands Vindkraft Ab and  Leovind Ab

Ålands Vindenergi Andelslag

  • Ålands Vindenergi Andelslag started in 1994
  • Ownes 7 wind turbines which is placed on the islands Kökar, Föglö, Vårdö and in the county Lumparland and Lemland.
  • Has approximately 1 300 share owners and a capital of approximately 2 Meuro.
  • Owns 25 % of Leovind Ab.

Leovind Ab

  • Started year 2003
  • Ownes 6 wind turbines on Båtskär (built year 2007)
  • Owners are both private and comapnies on Åland Island

Ålands Vindkraft AB

  • Started year 1997
  • Ownes 5 wind turbines on Åland Island (built1997-2005). They are placed in the countys Sottunga, Finström and Lemland.
  • 14 owners, both companies and private on Åland Island

Allwinds AB
Vikingagränd 2
AX-22100 Mariehamn Åland
Phone: +358 (0)18 52 63 00


Ålands Vindkraft
Ålands Vindenergi Andelslag