Blade maintenance

Blade maintenance

Particles in the air slip the surface of the blades leading edge, which causes the surface layer to be damaged and to expose the construction material.

When the surface layer is gone, the blade is worn faster. Cracks occur in the surface layer as the blade bends for the wind and due to minor thunder damage; this is not visible from the ground. Our recommendation is that the blades on older wind turbines need to be reviewed at four-year intervals. In the same time the wings are provided with extra protection at the front edge of the blade, closest to the tip, where the peripheral velocity is high.

With our maintenance platform, we make inspections and maintenance on wind turbines both easier and more cost-effective. Inspection and maintenance of the rotor blades and towers are facilitated by the maintenance platform. The platform reduces the use of expensive cranes or sky lifts and saves time on necessary maintenance by offering optimal workouts with 360-degree access to the blades. The patented platform is constructed with lightweight material, making it easy to transport.

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