Åland Island – the first place in the Nordic region as a test site!
Lilla Båtskär outside of Åland Island is the first place in the Nordic countries where small wind turbines can be safety and performance tested. Behind the initiative stands Intertek in cooperation with Allwinds which gives the manufacturers and the importer the possibility to certify their wind turbines. The test takes approximately between six to ten months and is done both on site and via remote from Sweden.

New consumer labeling in year 2011
In year 2011 a new European consumer labeling was introduced which only can be issued by an independent party, as Intertek. The labeling states, inter alia, noise and power produced at different wind speeds. Behind the labeling stand IEA (International Energy Agency) together with energy agency in Sweden and its counterpart in other European countries.

Several benefits with a third party testing
Manufacturers and importer gets valuable help with their documentation and learns more about their product because they get facts on what it actually delivers. To test your own wind turbines takes long time and you have to search for a suitable test plant that corresponds to standard requirements. By building this test site on Åland Island Intertek has already solved this for their customers.

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